When Rap Meets House celebrating The Club’s 12 year anniversary

🎉🍾When Rap Meets House celebrating The Club’s very special 12th year anniversary🍾🎉

The Club Khaosan presents for the very first time one of the biggest mixed mashups parties ever.

Thailand’s no.1 most popular Rap group Da Boy Way & DJ Budha from Thaitai who has collaborated with many of the biggest names in rap music to date, With no.1 hit songs such as Yeah Yeah Yeah & Make it happen.

Also featuring very special guest DJ all the way from Munich Germany we present to you Sam Collins with a fiery showcase of electro drumming whilst composing some of sickest house tunes out there.

💃Special Show Case and Dancers💃

🎁Special Give Aways🎁

⏰Doors are open from 9pm till late⏰

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